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Thanks for visiting the new and redesigned Turf Diagnostics & Design website.  


TD&D is the leading physical evaluation laboratory and agronomic consulting company serving the USA, Latin America, and Asia.


Our website details what we do, how to request our services, and how to send samples to our lab. Please browse this site for more information or to  contact us directly.

We work to make your projects succesful

Turf Diagnostics and Design has a 20 year track record of providing quality services and advice.  TD&D has performed testing and/or consulting on thousands of golf courses, sports fields and landscapes located throughout the world.  


TD&D’s services include laboratory testing of soil, growing media, sand, aggregates, and amendments.  Subgrade and rootzone evaluations are our specialties.  We also perform research and development, on-site evalutions, and Gmax field hardness testing.